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happy friday, september 23. >> we'll begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we'll check in steve in just a minute for traffic but first adam caskey. >> it could be a messy commute home. we are expecting some heavy rainfall to come into our region. right now, the rain is really just in lower southern maryland. 71 in the district. 71 in gaithersburg. flash flood watch for the areas shaded in green most of our viewing area this morning and into tonight as well. a few showers this morning. widespread rain this afternoon. the heaviest rain this afternoon and evening.
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a few showers lingering this weekend. steve? >> we'll start with a look at the belt way in silver spring now, moving fairly smoothly between college park. most of the road work out of the way. 66 on gleeb road you'll find -- there we go. it is open now. both lanes open. eastbound also moving smoothly. back to you. >> steve, thanks for that update. first a hurricane and then the remnants of tropical storm lee. some parts of our area were devastate bid days of heavy rain earlier this month. now with another system moving through, many question just how much more moisture some vulnerable communities can handle. one area suffered major damage the last time around. wood bridge.
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>> the threat of more drenching downpours. flooding fears are flooding the minds of mean people. >> we're going to be getting floods again. if it does that, it might get all the way up here. >> dozens of homes are condemn. many of the residents here have been living in a shelter. >> my grandma died almost like three years ago. she kept her house really clean and now it is all destroyed and really muddy inside. >> she is concerned that the nearby creek will rise again. >> i don't know if there is something they can do to keep the water from coming from the creek. >> many say all they can do is watch and wait. >> abc 7 news.
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>> some people in that neighborhood say it could take years to rebuild. we'll have much more on the cleanup coming up in a live report at 5:30. >> a local college student will be laid to rest today. dominique frazier was stabbed to death a week ago in a dorm room. her roommate is charged with her murder. >> good morning. as you mentioned the funeral service starts here in southeast washington later on this morning around 10:00. this is going to be obviously a very norble day for dominique -- emotional day for dominique frazier's family and the campus. >> we have come together like never before. >> the bowie state cam put came
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together to -- campus came together to remember dominique frazier. >> i prayed over and over again that it wasn't you but it was you. my girl, dominique. >> police arrested her roommate and charged her for murder. >> we are a family. violence is not what this university this institution is about. >> since the incident, many have been left with questions. the biggest one being why this had to happen. >> i remember you telling me that you were to be my roommate. >> obviously this is going to be a very emotional day for many of those students, many telling us, though if there is anything positive to come out of this tragedy, they stay campus is more united now.
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>> thank you. a man will be sentenced next month for killing a 16-year-old girl over a bottle of tattoo ink. the surveillance videos the 21-year-old at a mini mart. two hours after that, he got into an argument about a bottle of ink. he now faces life in prison without proehl. -- parole. there are legislation appears to be dead on aflivel the senate. democrats vow to kill it because it cuts two clean energy programs. >> turning now to 2012 campaign. the gloves came off when the presidential republican candidates met for another debate last night. >> nine candidates took part.
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this picked up where the last one left off with rick perry and mitt romney battling over social security. >> what we said was we ought to have as one of the options the state employees and state retirees being able to go into a system that the states would operate themselves. >> rick perry almost to quote, it says that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business. that it is unconstitutional. unconstitutional. >> they discussed social security the economy health care and other hot topics. >> a new poll shows mitt romney leading president obama by 7 percentage points in the key battleground state of florida. against rick perry the gap is
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only 2%. the margin of error in the poll was just over 5%. time now 5:06. >> happy fall to you. happy friday. it is 79 degrees now >> that's funny. it goes up for fall. >> a new twist in the missing woman in aruba. we're learning more about a probe involving the prime suspect that happened nearly a decade ago. >> everybody is talking about them. a closer look at the big changes on facebook. first, another check on traffic and weather every 10
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>> now it is 5:10 and time for a check on your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to start off with adam. hi adam. >> heavy rain showers expected later on into the evening. the heaviest rain will be for the commute home and even thereafter. a few showers out there in southern maryland. lexington park, lower st. mary's county as well. 71 in the district. juicy air mass in place. everything is together.
5:11 am
the heaviest rain along i-95. two to three inches of rain expected with isolated higher amounts. it could be one of those afternoon commutes on the way home later on today with some flash flooding. showers down to the south. 77 today. >> on the belt way a little bit of fog in some areas reducing visibility that you may come up to unexpectedly. be prepared for that. the low beams work better in the fog, as we all know. clarksburg montgomery county, all the way into the belt way all looking good. we'll head over to springfield and see how we're going northbound on i-95 from newington to the springfield interchange. not seeing too much with the fog there. no accidents along the way.
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back to you in the studio. >> steve thanks, be careful out there. it was really foggy for me. >> i had all of the 14th street bring to myself, which i love. >> that never happens. >> coming up a car bomb detonates as an attorney drives his two young children to football practice. now the search is on for the people responsible. >> i was walking wasn't been aggressive it a all. >> a school prank lands a high school sophomore in hot water. now fellow students are fighting for his right to stay in school. >> facebook is not the only internet giant making huge changes. you said you'd get me on the field. i did get you on the field. you are brian orakpo all-pro linebacker surely you can do better than this. come on sunshine. it's game time. squad's waiting. this is embarrassing brian..
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>> checking our top stories this morning at 5:14.
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the potential government shutdown could be on the horizon. >> the house passed a bill to keep the government open through november. the democrats are vowing to kill the measure because it cuts two clean energy programs. funeral services will be held for a murdered bowie state university season. dominique frazier's service will be held today. she was allegedly killed by her roommate. >> dale has been in charge of the system for about seven years. he faced plenty of criticism over the district's discipline policy. new this morning authorities are trying to figure out who set off a car bomb that injured a lawyer and his two sons. erik chappell was driving his sons to football practice when the bomb exploded.
5:16 am
they are all recovering in the hospital. the a.t. sfmbings offering a $10,000 -- a.t.f. is offering a $10,000 reward for information in the case. amanda knox was sentenced to 26 years in prison by an italian court. this year, a forensic report said d.n.a. evidence used in the trial is unreliable. a verdict on the appeal is due to next week. >> the man accused of killing robyn gardner has a previous theft conviction. he carried out a retail theft operation in montgomery county. he stole gaming systems and sold them online. >> easygoing guy. you know he wasn't a jerk. you know he would talk to us
5:17 am
but he just seemed like he was a step ahead of us. didn't really want to give us any information. >> giordano was given suspended sentences for those theft cop v.i.x.s. -- convictions. >> taking a look at news from around the region. a horrific crash in rockville is under investigation. police say a driver slammed into a scooter thursday morning in rockville and dragged the scooter up to a mile before police stopped him. a 30-year-old man died. the breathalyzer and blood test results for driver have not been released. police say a 26-year-old hit three homes in a three-week span and pawned some of the stolen good at a jewelry store at the mall. he is being held without bond.
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>> meanwhile a stafford county student is speaking out about a decision to suspend him for a practical joke he pulled during the football game. >> she wants to make an example out of me but my education is not something to be made an example of. >> last week, ryan thompson, also known as the banana man dressed up in a costume and bolted across the field. the video has become a youtube hit. his classmates laughed and cheered but his administrators didn't find it funny. he was suspended for 10 days and faces possible expulsion. >> a lot of people are talking about facebook. googsl getting set for an overall as well. >> mark zuckerberg announced new
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ways for users to listen to music and watch tv sometimes in sync with their friends. another new feature is timeline which gives you more control over the profiles. facebook rolls out changes gradually so not all users see the updates at once. google launches its wallet an which lets people pay for items using their cell phone. >> once your type in your pin number for security purposes, you merely take the phone and tap it against register that accepts mastercard, voila a second or so later the transaction was complete. visa amex and discover are expected to be available soon. >> everybody is talking about facebook. they can't stop talking about it. it is now 5:19. >> are we friends on facebook?
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>> yeah, we are. >> are we friends? >> we're all friends. >> good, we're all friends here. a lot to talk about. thick fog this morning. reduced visibility and then heavy rainfall later on today. flooding is a concern. it could turn into a difficult evening commute home. just in areas of rain southeast of the metro area this morning. it is heavy. st. mary's county. more rain showers further to the south. here is the wider view, the setup that we have. upper level low over the great lakes. bermuda high. the rotation around the two systems, our air is saturated. the air has a lot of moisture to work with and is going to translate into some heavy rainfall. we have a flash flood watch in effect for the majority of our
5:21 am
viewing area. we'll see the heaviest rain along and east of i-95. how much rain? two to three inches with locally higher ams possible. i think the higher amounts will be east of the belt way and east of i-95. it depends on where the bands of heavy rain are set up. it is a rain becomes more widespread by lunchtime, still some areas of rain tonight into saturday as well. 77 the high temperature today. 70's with the tropical air in place throughout the weekend. we have some improvements over the weekend. still having some areas of rain tomorrow. not quite as widespread and not as heavy. sunday a few showers possible, mainly on the eastern shore as well. we have signs of improvement into next week.
5:22 am
our unsettled weather pattern looks like it will take a turn by tuesday and wednesday. hopefully a fair amount of sunshine at that point. it has been gray all the way through last weekend. we had hopes of a fair amount of sunshine by the middle part of next week. >> start with a look at the american legion bridge slowing a little bit across the outer loop before you get to the virginia shoreline. you want to be careful as you cross the bridge from maryland heading over to the plane on the outer loops. over to 66 as you head through arlington county toward the roosevelt bridge, moving smoothly with nothing reported in the way now. right now not causing in delays. over to the 14th street bridge as you head up past washington boulevard, everything is moving well. back foum >> still 70 degrees outside and
5:23 am
dry for now. >> fans excited about 2012. what about the players? >> later today on anderson, comedian jerry seinfeld.
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>> any time you line up out
5:26 am
there, you got to know what the expectations are. this game is always a dogfight. it has always been that jason witten reacting to comments by deangelo hall who said he would target tony romo. >> it is monday night. we have to wait. >> it is not a sure thing that hall or anyone else will get a shot at romo. >> romo had not fully participated in practices this week. here is tim brant with the rest of the morning's sports. >> last night brad peacock pitched six innings. that's the sweep. get out to broom. the nats have won 4-10 games. look out. this will fall between the second base in into the right fielder. that will score rick ankiel.
5:27 am
desmond goes to second. 1- 0rks national it is. michael morris comes up. two on. two out. bam. a three-run bomb to center field. 0uf6 nationals. they go on to win it 6-1. >> timely hitting. it was a great series. it is something to show that what we're capable of. >> 2012. there is a look at your morning sports. have great day everybody. >> thanks, tim. 5:27 and 70 degrees outside. >> new in our next half-hour, singer lady gaga is on a mission. the subject she wants to talk about with president obama. >> challengers looking to take on the president debated for the third time in as many weeks. we're going to have all the highlights. >> factors in place for heavy
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>> right now on "good morning washington," we're on storm watch. rainy weather is starting to move into our area and communities hit hard by storms a few weeks ago are on high alert. good morning washington. it is friday, september 23. officially fall now. >> we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we're going to check in with steve in just a minute. good morning adam. >> it is one of those days where we have a lot of weather to talk about. thick fog and then heavy rainfall more importantly later on this afternoon into the evening. i think the heaviest rain will be along east i-95 with two to
5:31 am
three inches possible. speaking of douse hours in calvert county pushing a you have to the north and east. not much action locally but look at all that rain and moisture down the east coast there, through to carolina. that is continuing to push our way. we have a flash flood watch that is in effect through 10:00 p.m. tonight but it will keep raining i think beyond that. the heaviest rain along eastern 95. the rain getting heavier as we go through the afternoon and evening. could be a difficult complete home as well. could be some isolated flooding. then over the weekend, some improvement but still some areas of rain, just not as widespread and i don't think it will be quite as heavy either. a lot of weather. how about the commute? >> so far not too bad a commute despite the fact that we have foggy conditions.
5:32 am
we did have a report of a construction barrel in the road way slowing things down as you leave montgomery county. you can see a little foggy here and that is certainly the issue reported on the baltimore-washington parkway as well as in other areas. 270 and route 121 some fog but moving smoothly. back to you. >> thanks, steve. trends on the way could spell trouble for parts of our area still devastated by heavy rain earlier this month. one area of concern woodbridge virginia. hi. >> good morning to you, jennifer. certainly a lot of concerns here in this section of virginia. the rain will start to make its way back into our area later this morning. here in this neighborhood, several homes are now condemned
5:33 am
because of collapsed retaining walls here bonnie these town homes. we saw homes and businesses damaged as the water continues to make its way up and rise into many of those homes. in a mobile home park, we know several residents are now displaced now that their homes have also been condemned. several of them have been living in shelters since that happened. many of them with no place to go. the threat of mother nature leaving another mess certainly has a lot of people worried. >> i don't know what is going to happen. >> we're going to be scared now that it floods again because if it does that, it might get all the way up here. >> in some of those sections that suffered damage, we had some businesses with up to $150,000. some of the residents in the mobile home park said it could be years to rebuild in that
5:34 am
area. meanwhile, a lot of these residents have been moved out of these homes because they are not safe for them to be in and a lot of people in the other surrounding parts of the community are watching and waiting it is a rains back into the region. >> thanks. we could be on the verge of another shutdown showdown. the republican-controlled house approved a bill overnight to keep the government running through november 18. it also includes money to help disaster victims but senate democrats stay legislation is dead on arrival because it cuts money for two energy programs. meanwhile, the republican presidential race heats up. last night, the candidates faced off for third debate in just three weeks. >> once again the field targeted the two front runners. scott has last night's highlights. hi, scott. >> hi, jennifer and natasha.
5:35 am
as rick perry said, it was like a game of badminton as he and mitt romney spent the night trading volleys. it picked up where the last debate left off. >> now it is not the first time that mitt has been wrong on some smust issues before. the bottom line is we never said we were going to move it to the states. we said we ought to have one of the options the state employees and state retirees being able to go off the current system to one the states would operate themselves. >> this exchange was typical. >> there is a rick perry out there that is saying almost to quote, that the federal government shouldn't be in the pension business. that it is unconstitutional. unconstitutional? and it should be returned to the state. you better find that reck rick perry and get him to stop saying
5:36 am
that. >> there were seven other candidates on the stage but for the most part on the sidelines. >> they are not going to be around because they are going to bludgeon each other to death. >> the audience was loud booing a gay soldier who questioned about don't ask zsh don't tell. >> my next door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration. >> in the end, the line from the newcomer might have won the night but as for the winning candidate, the consensus is no one made a knock-out punch or made a big mistake. >> in the day ahead president obama will discuss changes he is planning involving the no child left behind law. his administration will offer ways around this law. he the white house said many of
5:37 am
the almosts if that initiative have become barriers to learning. too many schools risk being labeled as failing. time now 5:36. annoys 70 degrees outside. still a-- nice 70 degrees outside. still ahead mahmoud ahmadinejad's statements during a video to new york. >> first another check on traffic and your weather every 10 minutes. [ baby coughing, labored
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>> support the 15 million americans with food allergies by walking with us in the food allergy network on september 24. register at >> good morning, washington! >> 5:40 on this friday morning. lots to talk about there. first of all a fog advisory issued by the national weather service service. thick fog early this morning and rainfall into this evening. dense fog advisory for montgomery fairfax and prince william counties and parts of west virginia until later this morning. that is until later this morning until about 9:00 a.m. expect quarter of a mile visibility or less.
5:41 am
we are expecting some of the rainfall to be along east i-95. we're talking two to three inches of rain. right now just some rain in southern maryland. northern prince george's county getting clipped by a shower. more moisture coming our way. heavy at times this afternoon and evening. steve? >> we'll start with a look at 395 from springfield to duke street on your way up to the 14th street bridge. things looking pretty good so far. you'll find delays on northbound 95 in virginia. the fog is obscuring the springfield camera now so we can't really show you that. belt way university boulevard moving a little more heavily now on the outer loop. then over to the american legion bridge looks like they got that
5:42 am
barrel out of the road way and everything is open. back to you. >> about 70 degrees outside. coming up, metro makes a big announcement. how it could change the way you pay for a ride around town. >> plus, look out below. just hours from the expected impact. find out where a giant piece of space junk is predicted to land here on earth. >> first we'll tell you why lady gaga wants to sit down with a
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>> family and friends will gather at a southeast washington church today to say goodbye to dominique frazier. the 18-year-old was stabbed to death in her dorm room. her roommate, alexis simpson was charged with her murder. senate democrats are vowing to
5:46 am
kill legislation because it cuts two clean energy programs. the current government funding bill expires to be 1. superintendent jack dale says he will retire when his contract ends in 2013. he has had the run of the system for seven years. he faced criticism over the district's discipline policy. >> the department's twitter feed went dark last month because of concerns that sensitive information was being posted but the "washington post" reports they they were given permission to post updates about emergency calls. comments about 9/11 from mahmoud ahmadinejad are causing controversy. while speaking with the associated press last night he claimed two planes could not have brought down world trade center towers. he said the collapse was
5:47 am
systematic and believes explosive materials were involved. he also said he believes iran and the u.s. can repair their bad relationship. earlier in the day, the leaders of several western countries including the u.s. walked out while mahmoud ahmadinejad spoke at the u.n. >> the obama administration was in court yesterday opposing a lawsuit seeking full severance pay for those dismissed turned don't ask zsh don't tell law. the justice department wants the case dismissed. lady gaga wants to take her fight against bullying directly to president obama. she hopes to meet with the president when he attends a fundraiser next week. it comes after a 14-year-old boy complind about being bullied
5:48 am
because of his sexuality committed suicide. >> just where the space junk will land is the question this morning. most of the satellite will break up when it enters the either's atmosphere -- earth's atmosphere. just where it will land which is a change throughout the day. >> the problem is it is tumbling in unpredictable ways and it is very difficult to pinpoint where it is coming down, even right before the re-entry. >> this is the bigs uncontrolled spacecraft to fall. the latest prediction calls for the pieces to fall just north of australia or near the coast of chile. but again the projection keeps changing. get those helmets out. >> hard hats, whatever you need. >> we're going to be looking at
5:49 am
rainfall not pieces of the satellite. >> a lot of rain expected later this afternoon and evening. i think flooding is likely, some flash flooding. could be a difficult commute home later on today, especially in low-lying areas that are flood prone. let's break it down. a dense fog advisory for montgomery prince william counties and some points westward. here is some rain early this morning mainly over calvert county and across the bay and getting clipped in anne arundel county. 72. 70 at leesburg. you'll feel the tropical air in place. you can feel the humidity in the air. a lot of the air is saturated. it should set the stage for heavy rain. you can see some of that moisture down to our south. 2 rain will become more widespread as we go into the
5:50 am
midday and then especially heavy into the afternoon and evening. it all depends on where the heaviest rain band sets up later on today to determine where we'll see some flash flooding. but of course we have a flash flood watch in effect until 10:00 p.m. though i think the rain will continue beyond 10:00 p.m. this evening, later on tonight. 77 the highest temperature. some improvements into the weekend. but still i think that tomorrow some areas of rain. i don't think it will be as heavy as today. today, two to three inches of rain with isolated amounts higher than that, especially along eastern 95 where i think the bull eats eye will be. then -- bull's eye will be. then next week, lesser chances of rain. >> we'll start with a look at the belt way new hampshire avenue still moving nicely on that stretch of the belt way between college park and silver spring. we're having a relatively quiet
5:51 am
start to your friday morning. 270 at father hurley boulevard. not dealing with too much fog over here. knot of that, there is some -- north of that this is some problem with it and also in the virginia and springfield area. as you cross the potomac heading from arlington sfwoon the district the into the district, just a little bit of fog. not too heavy at all. >> you have just four hours to sign up for the papa john's pizza giveaway. click on the contest on the left side of the page on our website. wole announce the winner tonight. good luck. >> we're going to need a gym membership too. >> after that. >> investors this morning hope for a rebound on the heels of yesterday's deep selloff.
5:52 am
>> toys r us goes on a hiring spree. with more on that and a look at yesterday's selloff let's get to linda bell at bloomberg headquarters in new york. >> speaking of the staff they are looking to fill 40,000 positions nationwide for stores and distribution centers for the holidays. in d.c., including the area by haringstown, maryland they are looking for more than 90 -- 9,000 workers. 10% of last year's holiday workforce is still employed by the company. there is not enough for freddie mack and fannie mae. they said the hiring campaign has missed target and even when it is completed the agency will still be short-handed.
5:53 am
as you mentioned, we're going to see a stock rebound after yesterday's selloff. g-20 finance ministers are pledging to take all necessary action. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. ladies have a great weekend. >> thanks, linda. it is [ cow mooing ] ♪ ♪ [ female
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announcer ] there's no need to produce foods yourself to be sure they're 100% natural. ♪ ♪ now there's open nature foods from safeway. no preservatives, no artificial anything. all within budget. a wide choice of natural foods that meet your high standards. ♪ ♪ open nature. only at safeway.
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>> reloading your metro smart trip card just got easier. now you can add value on their website. all major cards are accepted. you still have to tap it at a gate or box to complete the transaction. go to our website >> a warning for drives in arlington county. police will set up a sobriety checkpoint. they will stop all vehicles through the checkpoint. their message is drive sober or get pulled over. >> heavy traffic expected on the bay bridge this weekend. ocean city's festival began and will run through sunday expected to generate much more traffic. drivers are encouraged to travel at off-peak times. >> new at 6:00, a brand new poll
5:57 am
takes a look at views on our economy and leaders. >> flooding fears are rising for residents in virginia as the rain makes its way back into our area. we'll have a live report coming up. >> and steve coming back to help you navigate your friday morning commute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> saying goodbye to dominate frazier. friends and family prepare to remember the murdered college student. >> more fireworks on the campaign trail as the candidates square off and gang up on the two front runners. >> we are on storm watch as some rain is starting to move into the region. " good morning, washington"begin snout. >> live and in hd, this abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. the time is 6:00 on this friday september 23. >> time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it is friday morning and it will be an active day later today. it could be a difficult commute home. we have a dense fog advisory for some par

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